>> Monday, March 15, 2010

I want to forget today. Wouldn't it be nice to rewind back to the moment that the day started and have a do over? I want that. Matt left this morning at 5 am and of course the girls got up with him. It took them almost an hour to fall back to sleep and then we all slept until 8. I don't ever set an alarm b/c we are early risers. Go figure when we have to get up they sleep in right? Piper was late to preschool which always makes me uneasy inside. After picking her up I decided to go and get her kindergarten packet. After getting all 3 girls out and into the school the receptionist told me that she couldn't give the packet until I brought in a power bill. I told her I would just get it on registration day and could she please sign us up for the 8:30 am slot? "No, not without proof of address". What is a license? Car registration? I mentioned that it was sort of hard to get all 3 girls out of the car and couldn't she just give me the packet? "No". It is a pack of papers lady, she was like the kindergarten packet nazi - wth? My bp is rising again as I am typing this and I thought it was behind me - nope. Today was also ballet. The girls decided they didn't want to take a nap and were both horribly whiney right before we had to leave. I almost didn't go but the alternative is Piper having to do a makeup class and they are younger than her so we went. We were running late for that too b/c of their behavior and the teacher won't let Piper in class if she is late. They both almost fell asleep in the car so why are they fighting naps when they need them? After class we are headed home. The girls and I are discussing what I should make for supper. I was sitting at a light and look down only to notice that my Blackberry is flashing. I pick it up and see that it is an email. I read the email and put down the phone. The light changes and I turn when I see a cop pulling me over. He says I was texting. I told him I was not and that he could look at my phone to see for himself and he reminds me about the new NC no texting law. Excellent law btw but I WASN'T TEXTING NOR WAS I DRIVING!! Are you freaking kidding me? Do you not have real people out there breaking real laws. He even said he saw me put the phone down but "I could have given you a ticket if you were parked in a parking lot with your car running and you were texting". Again, are you freaking kidding me? As I was sitting for the 35 minutes for him to issue the citation I must have counted no less than 10 people DRIVING and TEXTING. Are you freaking kidding me? Then, b/c he is such an awesomely nice guy, he told me "I could issue you another citation b/c your husband never signed your registration paper but I won't do that today". Well thank you. You are just full of generosity aren't you? I don't talk on the cell phone and drive. I don't speed. I don't text & drive, I don't even look at my phone while driving. JACK ASS! Oh and the fine is $230. Seriously.

I am so done with today I may go to bed right after supper lol :)


Mama.Mommy.Mom. Monday, March 15, 2010  

:( Sorry about your day :(

Kelly Monday, March 15, 2010  

I'm so sorry to hear your day went so badly. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better!

Rachael Monday, March 15, 2010  

You are right...bad bad day!! Hugs mama!! Get some sleep!!

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye Monday, March 15, 2010  

Oh my......what a horrid day - so sorry to hear! I have had so many instances of what you talked about in the beginning of your post about proof of address. I totally agree - isn't a Driver's License and Reg much more valid proof than an electric bill??? I had the week from hell last week dealing with my daughter's kindergarten teacher. I know how you feel. Hopefully your week will get better. :(

Chrissy Monday, March 15, 2010  

Those are the days I call "Meet the A**holes of America day." It makes me giggle saying it, so I usually feel better after I sum up all my "introductions" I had had with my hubby. xo Happy Day Tomorrow!!!!

Michelle Tuesday, March 16, 2010  

Oh man....you really had a bad day! I'll bet the lady in the office didn't have kids. Someone with kids would have understood and given you the packet.

Yiks on the cost of the ticket. We have to use hands free device while using the phone in the car, but everyone still just uses their phone because the ticket is only $25.00. I'm not sure if the texting law is in place.

I pull over if someone calls me because I don't like those bluetooths.

I don't know what your laws are, but you could probably got to court and fight the ticket.

Staci A Tuesday, March 16, 2010  

I'm so sorry you had such an awful day! It sounds like everyone you ran into was in a foul mood! I hope today was much better!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Wednesday, March 17, 2010  

Sleep will make it all better!

I mentioned you in my Beautiful Bloggers post today.

A Wednesday, March 17, 2010  

Ack! Hope the week gets better for you :)

Kimberly Wednesday, March 17, 2010  

Oh gosh Jessie! I'm so sorry I'm behind in reading and am just getting to this. Huge hugs! What a craptastic day. I'm so sorry about the fine. I'd fight it. Can't you take your cell phone records and prove you're in the right? And what the heck with the secretary?! Some people just go out of their way to make life harder.

Michelle @Flying Giggles Tuesday, March 23, 2010  

I read this post that night, but did not comment...I think it was when my computer crashed and I lost all my open windows. I was thinking of you the other day when I was checking a text at a stop light. Completely ridiculous!

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