Teeth, teeth, and more teeth!

>> Saturday, January 9, 2010

How would it feel to cut 4 teeth at one time? Ask Ruby, she is cutting them right now! During the day you would never know but it is at night that I can tell you she isn't happy. Bless her heart :)

She is standing by herself more now. I think it was for about 20 seconds last night until she realized she wasn't holding on to anything and fell to her bum. I am just not ready for her to walk by herself yet. I don't mind her walking behind a walker or around furniture but come on, she isn't even 10 months old yet. What is up with that? Slow down baby!

I don't think I have ever mentioned it yet but last month she said her 1st word. Mama - of course lol :) I think that Piper's first word was ball and V's *maybe* dog but I can't be certain. You know I was laughing about something the other day but it is actually REALLY sad for our youngest. She has no baby book. Like I have not even purchased her one yet let alone write down anything. Piper's was filled out until about 9 months, Violet's I may have made up until 3 months, and like I said Ruby doesn't even have one. Maybe I will destroy the other girl's books to take away my guilt and make believe it has been an even playing field. I wonder if those mamas out there (like the Duggar's for instance) actually do a good job when they get past 3? Maybe they have the older kids start filling them out as homework projects lol :) There just isn't enough hours in a day to do it all - for me anyway.


Kelly Saturday, January 09, 2010  

Ok the Duggers doing the books as homework projects still has me laughing :-)

Kimberly Monday, January 11, 2010  

Poor sweetie. Four teeth at once is HARD. Raya did the same thing. And heavens, have a talk with her would you? She really isn't supposed to be going vertically mobile just yet. ;)

(You must be so proud of her. She's so beautiful.)

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