Why doesn't it just rain

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

and get it over with! It will rain a little and then quit. I heard that "Danny" would be bringing us a bunch of rain and it has looked like it has wanted to all day but nothing worth writing about. It really makes planning things tough. Our big Friday was food shopping for the month at Walmart and then I have been keeping the girls busy after their "naps" this afternoon coloring and putting together puzzles. I write it that way b/c they just stayed in their rooms today and did not sleep. Bummer for mama :( Ruby is sleeping right now and the kids are doing their moves in the living room so I do have a few minutes - not uninterrupted but enough to shower and blog. I was out there and they were showing me some real good ones - camera came out so the moves stop but like I said they are out there doing more now. I have ruined them and took far more photos of them than a mama should :) This morning to my surprise they were cutting a rug to Miley Cyrus (on the Today Show), yes that is correct - THE Hannah Montana. Before going on our Tour the girls didn't know who this was but now they also know who the Jonas Brothers are AND have got a glimpse of High School Musical. Neither girl shows any interest in movies with real people in them yet but it is coming I am afraid. Once it will happen to Piper Violet will be right behind. Piper is really into Cinderella right now so maybe I have some time :) I want my babes to stay babes for as long as I can :)

They have been wearing "ballerina" clothes all week. I thought we would be going to Walmart with Violet wearing hers today but she decided at the last minute to wear her regular clothes. We came home and they both immediately put them back on though :)

For any bloggers that might stop by did you see the giveaway I posted about this morning. OMGosh - go and enter!


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