Where do these stairs lead?

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

NO WHERE! Ok, I am not climbing stairs but I don't know how else to describe those elliptical machines. I guess it is in between climbing stairs and walking -shoot I don't know but I do know that I so dislike that machine in our basement! Not b/c it is taking up what could be valuable floor space (which it is) but b/c I just don't like that sort of work out.

Truth be told I really don't like ANY workout but... Want to hear something funny? I HAD TO HAVE IT! It is 3 1/2 years old and I might have a few hours on it but I HAD TO HAVE IT RIGHT AWAY! Now that I do I wish it would disappear and a treadmill would appear but it seems that won't be happening so for now I have to ignore how much I don't like it and deal with the fact it is the only exercise I will be getting until it starts to cool down and I can get out and walk with the girls - living in NC that could be November. Saturday I managed to stay on it for 6 minutes, not b/c I was completely out of breath and dying but b/c it is the most boring thing EVER and it felt like I had been doing it for hours! Sunday I did better b/c Snapped was on so I made it 12 minutes until I called it quits. Maybe I should have brought a cupcake down there to eat while I was doing it to make it more appealing :) I am hoping to bring it up to 20 minutes tonight - baby steps you know? At this rate I will have this baby weight off some time around my 40th birthday in 2 years :)


jayna Monday, August 31, 2009  

See now, if I had a treadmill, I would trade you in a heartbeat. I can't stand being locked inside to exercise, but I do love the elliptical :-)

Michelle Tuesday, September 08, 2009  

hee,hee,hee I was gigling the entire time...I too can't stand my eliptical and I wish I had a treadmill as well - oh well. It is SO boring & it does take baby steps. Maybe we can try together, to get in shape by our 40's, what do you think?

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