>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We are finally caught up on sleep but not quite yet from laundry from our tour :) Yesterday the girls and I hosted a summer party at our home. It has been HOT down here so we set up all the water toys and let the kids go. I had a great time and so did everyone else I think. The best part was it was a pot luck so we got a few new salad recipes out of the day. It was sort of busy for me so I didn't really get many pictures :( Thank you to Leslie who got this one and a few others for me at least. Check out the guilty look on Violet's face here though - was she eating the carrots that I put out for a snack or was she already in those Cheetos?

Today I woke up and remembered I had forgotten to take out the garbage from the party yesterday and as I was walking out to the road saw a beautiful sailor's sky and then as I was walking back to the house I noticed a full rainbow! Why no picture? The rain started while I was coming outside to take one :)


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