The Tarp Room

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

Seriously this room deserves its own post :) While we were on our crazy trip my husband and I kept in contact with texting, pictures, phone calls, and an occasional skype call. My favorites were the pictures we would send to each other - nothing x-rated but just a quick shot of something the other might be interested in. I purposely did not give Matt any sort of list to try and accomplish either, he knows what he needs to get done and I figured if he had time he would try and tackle a few projects. Here is one of like 5 pictures that he sent to me, it is a shot of our basement which has altogether too.much.crap in it but neither of us ever seem to go through any of it. You can't see any of the boxes can you? Nope! That would be b/c he has created a tarp room. It is about 6 feet wide by the entire length of that room long. Barely enough space to walk down but full of all sorts of things that we still want around but need "hidden".

You can imagine how disappointed I was to see the picture that said all he was doing was hiding our junk and secretly I have been fuming over it ever since I have been home. Walking by this eyesore I grit my teeth w/o even knowing I am doing it until I get by and realize. Today though I decided on a whim to start a project for the girls room and needed a few things. All be darned if I didn't head into the tarp room and find most of the things that I needed and then tonight I found the rest with his help. It still isn't the most organized room around but this is us we're talking about not neat people :) Gone are the feelings that I was holding and instead I am feeling happy. The alternative to this would be throwing away my craft and sewing stuff. I am thankful that he lets me hang on to these things so that on days like today I can create things. We might be pack rats but hey wait until you see what I made for them and all of the items were right here under our roof - well in the tarp room :)


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