Summer Tour 2009 - Wisconsin

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello Wisconsin!
We were trying to figure out how long it had been since I visited WI and I finally decided it was 8 years. It is crazy how much things change but how much they still stay the same. One afternoon while the kids were napping in the van I just drove around and checked things out. So many wonderful memories in the house that I grew up in unfortunately now very run down as it is a rental. I wish that the girls would have been awake to see the locks and watch how the boats go through it to get from the little lake to the big one. My great grandfather would ride his bike with us down there so that my sister and I could watch and it is a memory that I won't forget. The park that my great grandparents would take us to in the summer for swimming lessons, soft ball, and tennis lessons. My cousin from CA chose the same time to visit so I got to see her. I was able to enjoy some of the food that I so miss now that I don't live there anymore - a trip to the Valley wouldn't be the same w/o lunch at Mihm's :) It was pretty stressful at times b/c the girls were overly tired and cranky A LOT but everyone was more than happy to hold our Ruby so that I could deal with them :) This was a much needed visit and I had a wonderful time visiting with my whole Wisconsin Family.


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