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>> Monday, February 8, 2010

Our girls are not stingy with their affection. They are the kids that will come up and just give us a hug or kiss without having to beg. Wouldn't that be awesome if it continued forever? Even when they are super cool teenagers? I can hope right?

Week 6 Challenge - We Kisses

Daddy and his girls

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Rachael Monday, February 08, 2010  

That is one of the best pictures of Matt! And of course the girls :-)

SBSAKE Photography Monday, February 08, 2010  

That is so sweet and adorable. The type of picture that just makes you smile.

Life with Kaishon Monday, February 08, 2010  

This is a beautiful picture. I just loved it! Perfection! Very sweet. Your husband looks so happy!

Beverly Monday, February 08, 2010  

oh the love, too cute

Sarah Monday, February 08, 2010  

what a cute capture!

Christal Monday, February 08, 2010  

cute! I love your husbands face!

The Chick Pea Monday, February 08, 2010  

Oh my gawsh, we have the same family (I have 3 girls, too: 7, 5, and just turned 1)! Neither one of us will be able to get anywhere near the bathroom in 10 more years! ;-)

I love the photo -- Daddy and his girlies. So sweet.

Amanda Heath Monday, February 08, 2010  

What a treasure for this proud papa!

Buckeroomama Monday, February 08, 2010  

what a lucky Daddy and he knows it. :) Beautiful.

Monika Tuesday, February 09, 2010  

Awwww, that is one sweet picture!

Kimberly Tuesday, February 09, 2010  

Look at that big handsome smile! This is the perfect photo! I'd frame that one. :)

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