Guess Who's Lucky?

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I knew when I saw the tote hanging in Piper's cubby at school that she was going to be on cloud 9 these past 2 days. There sat a ladybug tote and inside was Lucky the Ladybug. She has been talking about this ladybug since her teachers introduced her to the class after Christmas break. The disappointment that Piper had in her face when she told me that another child got to take Lucky home with him/her broke my heart. But there was to be no disappointment Monday b/c Lucky was taking a trip to the Zoo.

Immediately Piper dressed Lucky up in a ballerina outfit b/c later that afternoon we would be going to ballet class. Last night Piper let Lucky sleep at the foot of her bed right next to Kit. Today we went to a cookie decorating playdate and although Lucky stayed in my bag for fear of getting icing on her or more horribly her getting left there I still think she had a fun time :) This afternoon Lucky even played our ladybug game and Yahtzee with us.

Violet even found another ladybug in the stuffed animal bin. Guess what she named her? Lucky.


Kimberly Tuesday, February 09, 2010  

I know who's lucky. YOU are! Look at those gorgeous kids. Man... And what a treat for Piper to get to bring Lucky the Ladybug home. :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles Tuesday, February 09, 2010  

So much fun! Back in the days when I used to teach preschool, we had a little bear that got to go home with the children. They would get so excited. Our bear had a journal and the parents added a short little journal entry summerizing Bear's visit. During circle time, we would read the entry. That Bear probably had more experiences than I have! So much fun...

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