Crafty Tuesday - Valentine Cards (2010)

>> Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The list came home last week with all the little one's names from Piper's preschool class. Monday while Ruby slept I cut out enough heart shapes for her to make cards for each one of her friends. There are extras b/c Violet will want to make some for her friends too.

We got a little bit of a start coloring on Monday b/c there was no school and ballet was also cancelled due to inclement weather. Piper ended up wanting to color in the My Little Pony coloring book after only 2 or 3 so put aside the heart project until today. Thankfully the party isn't until next Friday b/c at this rate it may take that long to get these made.

Originally I had thought about making a little heart lollipop by gluing 2 hearts around the sucker but unfortunately the lolli stick isn't long enough to really make it work so on to plan B. If I continue posting the crafts we do around here you will find there are a lot of plan B's.

Day 1 - sunny and optimistic

Day 2 - dreary day and baby girl is not into this project

Although we are not done with them all here is the final product that her and I put together. Inside of each heart "pocket" there is a Sweet Tart sucker, a princess tattoo, and a little girlie notebook. Boys will get a rockstar tattoo and a sucker. Remember when we just got little cards?

Girlies ended up putting on their ballet clothes so that they could dance, dance, dance. That was fun to watch!


Kimberly Tuesday, February 02, 2010  

That sounds like our projects around here. Bryce doesn't want to do ANYTHING crafty though. So at least your girls do it in bits. :) Are these with the new camera?

angie Friday, February 12, 2010  

I'm super impressed that she followed through. That's A LOT of work for a preschooler.

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