Wordful Wednesday - BUGS!

>> Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I remember living in Wisconsin and getting ants one year. After that I made sure to not leave anything on the counters that could potentially attract them and never had a problem again. Flash forward to me living here in the south. I kid you not I think that I live on an ant hill. It doesn't matter how clean my counters are they come. Usually it is after a dry spell and then we get a bunch of rain but sometimes it is just because. Because of what I don't know. Today I have killed 2 (yes I said killed) and haven't seen anymore but that doesn't mean I won't be infested this afternoon. Darn rain.

Mosquitos have been especially bad this year for us too. I am not sure why but each and every time that my girls are outside they come in with no less than 5 bites and they get BIG! Poor kids. The other day I came in with 3 myself. Poor mama.


Finally we have spiders. Lots and lots of spiders. Do you know how icky it is to walk outside smack into a web? Wondering if you have the spider actually on you or if it was already off the web for the day. Then wondering if it was a black widow or just a regular spider because you know we have black widows in our yard too.

Do you have bugs? Am I alone this year or is the whole country suddenly under attack by insects?


Ashley Sisk Wednesday, August 17, 2011  

I like that bug way better than what I was expecting!

Chrissy Thursday, August 18, 2011  

I'm not sure I should tell you about my ant story. But, misery loves company... Saw some ants. Killed them. Saw a another. Again, in the trash. Turned around quickly and noticed another! Mind you this was on my KITCHEN TABLE. Low and behold, look up to my recessed light above and see another one drop. Hubby was called (screamed) in...took apart the light to find *gulp* I swear a hundred fall. They must have made a home in there. Between my screaming and vacuuming (as they dropped) and screaming, we got them all. Hubby not only bombed the recessed light (with a clever contraption he made with a plastic bag and duct tape), I made him bomb the house the next day as we evacuated for the 6 hours. Not another ant has been seen for months, but I still get the hibbiejibbies. d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g!!!

Liz Mays Friday, August 19, 2011  

When I run into a web, I think the same thing. Where is the spider that was on that web?!!

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