Monday Mingle 8.29.11

>> Monday, August 29, 2011

Another week, another mingle :) I have sort of crazy hair as I could not find a hair tie this morning. The girls had gotten in my stash :)

1. What did you do for your Sweet 16th birthday?
2. What do you think of little girls dressing like adults for pageants (think Toddlers & Tiaras)
3. What kind of car did you learn to drive in?

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Liz Mays Monday, August 29, 2011  

I know which T&T show you're talking about, and that was crazy! That poor little guy!

Lauren Monday, August 29, 2011  

Nice to meet you! :)
Yeah, I've seen that episode too I think and I was just like, "Seriously lady?" I think most of those women are delusional!
Fun cars! You're way farther ahead than I am, I STILL can't drive a stick shift. I mean, if my life actually depended on it, maybe, but otherwise, probably not lol.
Have a wonderful week!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Friday, September 02, 2011  

I know what you mean about when the kids are crying on that show (and obviously not interested). It makes me so sad to see.

VW Baja - how cool! I love stick shifts.

Thanks for Mingling!

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