Does it run in the family?

>> Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A shoe addiction that is. My husband has like 5 pairs of black shoes that look so similar it makes me laugh. In addition to those he has a collection of oxford shoes that he had during the 90's while working behind a desk. Can we say hoarder?. As for me I have purged most of mine since not working outside of the home but I still have a 20 pair shoe organizer full plus extras floating around. Mama's got to have choices right? Then there are my girls. Yep, they too each have over the door shoe organizers that on most days are full. However I blame that shoe problem mostly on me and that little girls have really cute shoes available. Ruby=addicted! She loves them! Changes them - as well as her clothes but that is a whole other story. She doesn't need a shoe until she is in Kindergarten but when I find a pair I find myself showing them to her and then she inevitably wants them and I find myself dishing the cash. Please remember that I shop almost exclusively at Goodwill and another thrift store so it isn't big bucks but still $2 is $2 right? I know that I am not alone in this because I find almost brand new shoes EVERY time I go out in their size. Baby girl had to have these little Reefs from a consignment store that we sometimes shop at. $1. This baby loves her some flip flops. Mama loves her some animal print. Mama and baby are happy :) Sweet!

New kicks

Sweet Shot Day


Ashley Sisk Tuesday, August 16, 2011  

LOL you should see my husband's shoe collections...many of which he's never worn.

Anne U @ hot coffee mama Tuesday, August 16, 2011  

Very cute flip flops.

Jen Tuesday, August 16, 2011  

Oh my those are so cute. I love reef flip flops and who can resist animal print?

Kat Tuesday, August 16, 2011  

How adorable!!! Sweet little feet in darling flip flops. Too cute!

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