Oh Facebook, you make me feel so old!

>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

There is a new thing popping up on Facebook. Have you been added to the "You know you are from *insert town here* if...". First off let me say that if you join one of those groups IMMEDIATELY edit your settings or your phone will seriously blow up! Trust me this is advice from my own personal experience. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding... Come on people are you on Facebook like all day long? Do none of us have jobs lol :)

I moved away from my hometown like 14 years ago. That sentence in itself makes me feel ancient. Sadly I don't get back there very often either to see the changes that are happening. The last time I was home was 2 years ago and I was shocked at the difference. Progress right? What makes the "You know you are from..." pages so fun is it brings you back to the simple times when you were growing up SOOOO long ago :) It hurts my brain to think back that far :)

Through Facebook a high school reunion of mine was planned and executed this past weekend. I did not go. Too much traveling for the zoo girls this summer and their mama is tired. Because I am old. So what reunion was this? Our 22nd. Go ahead and smile I did too :) I am not smiling at the 22 years of being out of high school just that our fun loving group decided rather than continue NOT having reunions they would throw together a 22nd. Better late than never. Pictures on Facebook proved that it was a good turnout and fun was had by all.

"No, it is not possible that you have a child graduating from high school!" Those high school sweethearts have them though. My oldest is 6 and my youngest 2 so I try to fool myself into thinking that I am younger than I am but my tired body reminds me everyday. Through the wonders of Facebook I see the smiling prom pictures of children belonging to old friends. Friends MY AGE! Imagine how they feel though saying to themselves "I can't believe I have a child graduating from high school!"

Although somedays I think that I would be better off just deleting my Facebook account because it sucks me in when I could be, oh I don't know, CLEANING MY HOUSE (!!) I won't. Want to know why? I am glad to be connected to those *ahem* old friends again. I love seeing their families, their trips, their idea of a fun day. For this I say "Thank You" Facebook.


Corey~living and loving Friday, August 12, 2011  

So far my hometown hasn't done one...but I know it's coming. I come from a really small town. I have seen other's though.
Yes facebook....sucks up too much time. I totally agree.

Cara Friday, August 12, 2011  

I totally get sucked into Facebook. I love how i can keep up with people though, especially family that lives far away.

Unknown Saturday, August 13, 2011  

It is a love/hate thing between me and FB. I have seen the "remember when" posts but haven't participated. And I'm in the same boat as you with friends my age or younger having kids graduate from high school. Crazy!

Buckeroomama Saturday, August 13, 2011  

LOL, I know what you mean! I have high school friends whose kids are starting university and here I sit with my oldest at 6yo and my 4yo... It's great for keeping in touch with high school friends, esp. those whom I haven't seen since graduation over 20 years ago! =)

Buckeroomama Saturday, August 13, 2011  

P.S. I meant to add "congrats" on your IHF win! =D

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