He comes and then he goes

>> Friday, August 13, 2010

Home a few days and then gone a few days. It is all the girls have ever known. Heck, me too. We talk about Daddy leaving on an airplane all the time. They have never seen one up close, just in the sky. Wednesday we met him at the airport to watch him leave. They even got to even see inside the plane. They have been talking about that plane ever since.

They thought the plane was super cool. I was flippin hot!!! Sweat running down my back hot! Why did I promise them a trip to the mall afterwards? Who knew it was going to be so hot! The mall was fun but I just couldn't cool down. We rode the horses. Violet wanted the mermaid horse but when she saw Ruby and Piper next to each other thought the horse next to Ruby was pretty too.

Ruby loves them as much as her big sisters now so I have to shell out an extra $2.

We ate at Burger King. I can't remember my last time eating at Burger King. The girls loved that the nuggets came in "Princess Crown" shapes - who knew. The King wouldn't be happy I am sure. We visited the Disney Store b/c we have to look at the Tink, Princess & Stitch stuff. They were worn out. Me too. Everyone (but me lol) fell asleep on our ride home. Wouldn't auto pilot be nice some days? Finally at home I was able to shower and cool off. Did I mention it is like 100 degrees? H.O.T.!!


Kimberly Friday, August 13, 2010  

Cool shot of the plane. Bryce has been asking to ride one lately too. :)

Yeah, I hear you on the heat. But totally worth the trip to the mall for the carousel!

Buckeroomama Friday, August 13, 2010  

I`m sure seeing Daddy off at the airport, right up to the plane, was quite the treat for the girls.

They look adorable all three of them side by side on the carousel. It`s such a challenge for me to get a good pic of my kids on the carousel! :)

Joey Lynn Resciniti Friday, August 13, 2010  

Those merry-go-rounds in the mall are just meant to suck the extra $$$ out of us aren't they? Luckily I've gotten by this summer with mentioning how we just went to an amusement park or are planning to go to one soon.

Those cutie girls look like they had a great time.

Michelle @Flying Giggles Saturday, August 14, 2010  

I had no idea the nuggets were crown shaped.

I am sure the girls loved seeing their daddy leave at the airport!

Sounds like a busy and HOT day!

Liz Mays Monday, August 16, 2010  

Now you have me interested in eating at Burger King. Dang it!

The girls are soooo cute on that carousel.

I have really fond memories of my grandparents coming and going on the plane outside like that too!

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