Team Up Thursday - Signs

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

I never really did baby signing. Although I should have b/c I was always amazed at the little babes signing away with my inferior child just grunting for everything she wanted. The girls do know some now though. Well 2, more and love. Ruby doesn't know either of those yet but I am sure by the time she is almost 5 she will as well :) I feel like this week Angie and I should be at a Grateful Dead concert with all of our peace and love. Fond memories :)

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Michelle @Flying Giggles Thursday, June 03, 2010  

I am always impressed with your photos and she is so darn cute!

Killlashandra Thursday, June 03, 2010  

She is too cute exhibiting her sign language. :) I like it, goes nicely with the peace sign. We could all use a little bit more peace now and then. Nice combo.

Mrs. Stam Thursday, June 03, 2010  

That is soooo cute! love it!

Megan Thursday, June 03, 2010  

LOL at your "peace & love" comment. a great pair! love that both photos fill the space with the signs.

Kimberly Thursday, June 03, 2010  

Okay, now that is just kismet! How cool you two groovy chicks are. ;)

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, June 03, 2010  

My hubby and I did the "i love you" sign even before kids because we saw it in a movie.

It's really cute giving each other the silent "i love you" no matter where we are.

I love that you captured it in a photo!

HipMomma Thursday, June 03, 2010  

Ha! Love and peace. Groovy. My girls learned signing as babies and it really was cool to watch.

bBchronicles Friday, June 04, 2010  

Ohhhhhhh, I LOVE your dip! I missed seeing your link over at Megan's - THANKS SO MUCH for dropping by my blog! Your two photos compliment each other SO well - love the color and contrast. Really well done!

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