Crafty Tuesday - Happy Mother's Day

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yep, I started to do this project back then. By starting I mean receiving the pretty pink one from Piper's preschool Mother's Day celebration and getting the idea to make 2 more. Then it took awhile to buy the canvas b/c they weren't on sale and you know I am not paying full price for them. When I got the canvases home they sat for a bit waiting for me to dig out the paint from the basement. Violet was easy but our little Ruby - she kept her fist clenched so what was a mama to do? Her feet that's what! These have been done and "drying" on my desk until today when I pulled out my glue gun and completed the 1 month long craft project and glued on some ribbon to hang them. This could be a record even for me. Now, let's see how long it takes to get them hung :)

Left to right
Ruby, Violet, & Piper


Kelly Tuesday, June 15, 2010  

That is such a cute idea!

Staci A Tuesday, June 15, 2010  

They are so cute though! Definitely worth all the time!

Kimberly Wednesday, June 16, 2010  

I ♥ this idea so much! Great execution, who cares how long it took? ;)

Killlashandra Wednesday, June 16, 2010  

What a cute idea! I will have to try that one. I love the flower look. :)

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