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>> Monday, June 14, 2010

Aren't kids amazing? They come up with these games that no one but them understand. They change the rules constantly, it tickles me. With having little girls we have lots and lots of parties. Tea, birthday, some times they just party to party. We get out the crackers or cookies and they will hang in that playroom for at least an hour preparing. Sweet. One of their favorite activities is still blowing bubbles. I didn't know it until we got them out this spring. I thought that they might be over it but they are not. We had so much fun playing the other night and seeing who could blow the biggest bubbles. I can see Piper, Ruby, and myself in the bubble. Where oh where was our Violet? It could have been a family shot lol :)

We have also been swimming in a little blow up pool a lot! Little Ruby plays with the water table more than the pool but she has been getting more and more curious about it. The girls will go out and play in it all day if I would let them. I can't get anything inside the house done with them out there though so I can't let them stay out ALL DAY but let's just say the house is messy right now.

The other night a house down the cove from us was having a party. Band and everything. We stayed up late and danced on our deck to the music. Friday was a very good day. No yelling, just smiling and enjoying the girls. I love those days


Mrs. Stam Monday, June 14, 2010  

Your girls sound like they are having a blast! And so do you!

Wow that bubble picture is great!!!! Good job !!!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Monday, June 14, 2010  

Wow, that picture of the bubble is amazing. Your girls sure do know how to have some fun!

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