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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

I am an addict and have been forever. There are mornings when I am that person who would prefer not to talk until I had a cup of coffee in me. Being of a mama of 3 girls that just doesn't happen in my life. Yesterday was a huge day here at the zoo. I used a giftcard and spent more than $10 on a coffee machine. My friend shared her love for the Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker so I sucked it up and headed to Williams Sonoma to buy one. The lady who greeted us at the door asked what I was looking for and when I said a coffee pot just about pulled us to the back of the store to show us the latest and greatest that just came in. It came with a $279.00 price tag. Now I love my coffee but come on - for that it better pour the cup and wash it :) I told her exactly what I was looking for and she told me that it was a "low end" coffee pot that would only last me 1-1.5 years. Not loving their sales tactics at this point I told her that my previous coffee pot from Walmart lasted almost 10 years. She realized I was not that woman who was going to drop a bundle and probably that if she kept slamming the coffee pot I was interested in would lose my sale entirely so miraculously she then started to love it a little more. I am now the proud owner of the most expensive coffee pot I have ever owned. It looks so slick in our kitchen. Love it!

As a coffee drinker you would think that I would try all the different sorts of coffee drinks out there but I don't. I drink coffee black. Every once and again I might get a skinny mocha from a coffee shop but spending the $4 on that KILLS me! Yes, I am cheap like that. Well, the other day I met another mama at a new park near our home and she hands me an iced coffee. Up until then I have steered clear of them b/c the sound of cold coffee didn't appeal to me. Why did she have to buy me that coffee? Why does Dunkin Donuts have them on sale right now for $.99? Thankfully this sale can't last forever b/c I could go broke with these. Another friend mentioned how much fat was probably in them - you know I never thought about that. See, plain black coffee is the way to go!


Killlashandra Friday, June 04, 2010  

Ok, so you need to post a picture of the most expensive coffee pot known to man. ;) Mine came from Walmart. LOL

Jessie Friday, June 04, 2010  

LOL. I got a really cheap one in comparison. Here is the expensive one and mine is the 12 cup cheapie. At $50 though I wouldn't call it cheap and it is about 4x more than any other one I have ever bought :)

Staci A Sunday, June 06, 2010  

I'm definitely a coffee addict too! I can't imagine paying almost $300 for a coffee maker though. That's crazy!

Candy Howard Monday, June 07, 2010  

I make my own cold or frozen coffees at home with the Magic Bullet. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Another Walmart purchase...

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