Team Up Thursday - Mirror

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

I took quite a few shots this week and although many of them turned out much nicer than my last minute shot I didn't love them for the theme. Our Violet loves to gaze at herself in the mirror. I guess it is a little girl thing. She makes faces, sings, and applies lots and lots of lip gloss. Now I know this is not inherited from me b/c I can go a whole day without looking in the mirror and then see the horror that was me :) When I saw Angie's shot I smiled b/c it was one of my ideas but I didn't do anything but think. Every time I thought about the theme I thought about my rear view mirror and then I would start singing Meatloaf (although not his finest but I somehow still know it). I love seeing shots of where she lives, so pretty :)

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Kimberly Thursday, June 10, 2010  

Aww, little Violet putting on her gloss makes me smile. :) Great capture Jessie!

Megan Thursday, June 10, 2010  

i'm laughing b/c when you look at the left one first, and see the "objects are closer" message, then look to the right and imagine her being even closer to the mirror than she is...just makes me smile! what a fun pair, you two:).

Rose Thursday, June 10, 2010  

Oh she is so Cute! great capture! The rear view is a great idea, I have some of those shots but didn't even think of it for this week. (I admit, I pulled from archives...)

Killlashandra Thursday, June 10, 2010  

Her expression is just too cute! I'm with you though, I hardly ever look in the mirror however kids do like to see what they look like. My son can't take a bath without making spiky hair with his shampoo then climbing out to look at it in the mirror. LOL

Angela Friend Thursday, June 10, 2010  

Love the way she always looks in the mirror. I have to admit, I have done that all my life. I used to entertain myself infornt of the mirror making faces! Shoot, I still look in the mirror to see if i am making funny faces! ;)

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, June 10, 2010  

What a cute face! I would look in the mirror all the time too if I was looking at that lovely face!

Andrea Sunday, June 13, 2010  

That's so cute! :) Tate loves to look at himself in the mirror too! haha...making faces at himself is the best part I think. I have a feeling that her and Tate would have a grand time look in mirrors together. :)

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