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>> Friday, October 9, 2009

b/c here we come! While still pregnant with Ruby I had these grand ideas that I was going to start walking and the baby weight wasn't going to hang around as long this time as it has every.other.time. A mama near me posted a triple jogger for sale and I thought for some time going back and forth before finally deciding that it would be great for when I needed to walk with all 3 girls or family walks in the evenings. Well so much for that, the stroller sat unused in our garage for 6 months. Sleepless nights, hot southern days, and a babe that wasn't really grooving on hanging in a stroller while I walked made my exercise plan seem very unappealing. There were a few days last week that teased us with the promise of fall so out came the monster stroller. You want to stop traffic - come walk with us :) So much for that tease though, we are back in the 80's again or very close to it - sheesh! Today I got a picture of the crew before we left.

We play I Spy, Piper and Violet take turns telling me the house addresses, and these excursions are timed so that our babe sleeps through most of it. The stroller weighs in at 34 lbs, Piper is 35 lbs, Violet is 30 lbs, and our tiny one is 20 lbs. My heart feels like it is going to explode while I am walking up the hill to get out to the main road or walking through the grass by the golf course. This getting old is for the birds!


Kimberly Friday, October 09, 2009  

That is by far the biggest stroller I have ever seen! How cool. :)

Rachael Friday, October 09, 2009  

Now that is a work out!

Kelly Friday, October 09, 2009  

I didn't even know they made strollers like that! And geesh that would be a workout. I pushed Jillian on a stone road the other day and thought I was going to die!

Staci A Friday, October 09, 2009  

You are a brave woman! No way I would be able to push that uphill (and I'd be afraid it's start rolling down over me, lol)!

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