Together we planted a tree

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

It was our first. In 10 years my husband and I have never planted a single tree. I am really surprised b/c we have planted just about everything else under the sun. Yesterday afternoon we got a break from the rain and so our family headed to a nursery near us to look at what they had. I love birch trees. They may not be the most practical but I just love looking at the peeling trunks. Totally cool. While we were there I also got a hydrangea and a few bushes that I have no idea the name of at the moment :) I just can't wait to see everything bloom next year! Now, Matt dug those holes all by himself with me just there to watch the kids and supervise. Today, so that I felt like I participated some, I put down the pine straw. I can't believe how tough it was to dig those holes in our hard red clay - job well done!


and after with cuties who were out there "helping"

BTW - while I was throwing straw around the girls were walking up and down our driveway with their strollers exercising so that they would get "skinny like Miss Dana". They say that about everyone who exercises now :) I just thought that Miss Dana might think that was cute :)


dana darling Sunday, October 25, 2009  

Oh my! Ya'll are crazy. If it is nice this week we should try to walk together. Miss Dana ate very bad this weekend!

Kimberly Sunday, October 25, 2009  

Your house is lovely and so is your yard work. :) I love birch trees too!

Jamie Felts Monday, October 26, 2009  

You guys did a great job!! It looks wonderful.

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