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>> Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love that I can make her this happy. Of course the day will come that I will have to bribe her too :)

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Liz Mays Wednesday, October 07, 2009  

That's joy! Love it!

Kimberly Wednesday, October 07, 2009  

I am feeling the baby love! :) Such sweetness.

B Wednesday, October 07, 2009  

That is a GREAT pic!! Love the big smile and yes don't you love it when all we have to do is say "hi" with a smile and our babies smile like we are the only ones that matter....sigh..

Tara@Sticky Fingers Wednesday, October 07, 2009  

Wonderful photograph - really captures a moment and that 'choochiness' of babies!

Bridgette Wednesday, October 07, 2009  

How precious! LOVE it!!!

Muthering Heights Thursday, October 08, 2009  

What a PRECIOUS smile!

SarahHub Friday, October 09, 2009  

Look at that face! Such joy!

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