>> Monday, October 26, 2009

I clip coupons but we only get 1 newspaper and I will clip what our family uses out of the Sunday edition. A lot of the coupons are for things that we don't use so they get recycled. Our family does not pay for any health or beauty products b/c I have figured out how to shop at CVS using their Extrabucks. I actually do donate what I don't use to a friend's church group. Who doesn't like free things right? It is sort of a rush but it is really hard for me to do it too much now with the 3 little ones. I found an AWESOME website that will send you things to try and then you review them. They also send you pretty sweet coupons along with the product you are trying. I have received Kashi brand items 3 times so it isn't all junk. Have you heard of Vocalpoint? Saturday I received a 28 day trial of Olay Pro-X, you know the stuff that they have on the commercials that is supposed to be as fabulous as the $500 wrinkle cream? Well, at $47 a jar it is still a bit out of my league but I am going to try it. Today when Piper gets home from school I am going to have her take my picture and in 28 days I am going to review it. Olay doesn't know this of course but I am interested to see if there will be any change in my skins appearance. Anyway, I know that I have a few people out there that read this blog so go and sign up for Vocalpoint and start receiving stuff to try!


Kimberly Tuesday, October 27, 2009  

Hmm, sounds interesting. I can't figure CVS out, and I've been trying for a long time!

Can't wait to see your before and after shots!

KarieK Tuesday, October 27, 2009  

I didn't know about Vocalpoint! I will for sure have to check that out. Do you know about P&GBrands saver coupons? I know Unilever used to also and SmartSource.

For sure do the before and After I was always curious about Oil of Olay.

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