All I wanna do is a zoom-zoom-zoom-zoom

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and a boom-boom. Trial run for Halloween to see if she was big enough to drive :)

For some reason I thought that this song was "All I wanna do is a vroom-vroom-vroom and a zoom-zoom" which would have been more fitting for this WW post but I was WAAAYYY off on that huh? More WW at 5 Minutes for Mom


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

I bet she loves that!

Kimberly Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

Oh my, is she cute?! Great idea btw.

Mrs. Stam Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

It's so girly Love it :-)

Staci A Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

Looks like she's ready to go! Very cute!

Kelly Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

A friend of mine has twins and she swears by those cars. She pushes both at the same time. Ruby looks like she's got the hang of it!

Muthering Heights Wednesday, October 14, 2009  

She is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

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