Wanna know how to make a little girl excited about racing?

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

Paint the car pink and purple. Add a rainbow and unicorn to the hood.

Maybe a cute baby seal to the rear. Another rainbow? Of course!

Some kitties & puppies. Flowers, hearts, and ice cream cones help too.

Then let them sit in it!

What could be better?

If you have no idea what I am talking about please refer to video. If it doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will. I thought it was the neatest thing when I heard they were actually running this paint scheme - tonight!

My Wee View


Buckeroomama Friday, September 10, 2010  

I loved it!!! Uh, the commercial... but I'm not sure I want to be caught driving a pink car with kittens and baby seals and rainbows. But you know what? I'm pretty sure if it's designed by Z, my husband would gladly drive it. :)

Mrs. White Friday, September 10, 2010  

That's quite a car!!!! Your girls are beautiful!

I am following you from FF. Please visit and follow me back.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. White

Xenia Friday, September 10, 2010  

My girls would love this car, that would definitely get them interested in racing!

Thanks so much for stopping by, your photos are amazing and your daughters are gorgeous!

Rachael Friday, September 10, 2010  

That is too cute! I bet the girls loved that one and would love for Daddy to bring it home :-)

Jenna Friday, September 10, 2010  

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Cara Friday, September 10, 2010  

This made me smile and laugh! I love the shots with the girls in the car. The commercial is hysterical. My favorite line is when she say I love you, he says thank you, she say not, write that on the spoiler. I almost lost it.
Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Stephens Friday, September 10, 2010  

Very cute car! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I'm following you back. Will be visiting again soon. Take Care =)

~ Tiffany

Joey Lynn Resciniti Friday, September 10, 2010  

You can't imagine how this made me smile! And I can see where some ill feeling comes from now - it's the dreaded Toyota in NASCAR.

That's awesome for your girls. I have a picture of my daughter wearing tinkerbell wings in front of a pink car at a race. It didn't have a unicorn though. I think she got ripped off.

I'm emailing this post to my husband!

Granite State Pet Sitting Friday, September 10, 2010  

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makeupthoughts Friday, September 10, 2010  

makeupthoughts Friday, September 10, 2010  


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bonggamom Friday, September 10, 2010  

Awww, how cute! I love the headers on your photo! And thanks for stopping by Bonggamom Finds and leaving a comment :)

Kelly Saturday, September 11, 2010  

I don't follow racing, probably because my parents were die hard race fans growing up. Did your husband and friend help design that car? It's beautiful! My girls would be in love with it too!

Natalie A. Wednesday, September 22, 2010  

That looks like fun and looks like a perfect car for little girl's! Looks like they had alot of fun!! :)

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