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>> Friday, September 24, 2010

I got Lightroom a few years back for a steal. It is what I use to initially work on the photos I take. I am FAR from even scratching the surface on some of the things it can do but for the edits I like to make it is great. PS has SO many actions that are fun to try out. I tend to love actions on other peoples shots but not so much on my own. Mostly I just try and process as closely as I can to normal. That doesn't stop me from playing with them for much too long at night. I mean I see some real art out there so each time I hit "play" I secretly say "please let this one look REALLY cool" in my head. Ok, mostly out loud. My family is used to me talking to myself. Anyway, I recently found some actions for Lightroom that give quite beautiful results and best of all many are free! Check out Pretty Presets if you are using Lightroom.

Before SOOC:


What do you think? What is your opinion of actions?

BTW, the owner does not know me and definitely doesn't know that I am even posting this. I loved the way that this action turned out on my shot and I need to give credit where it is due - not to me lol :)


Ashley Sisk Friday, September 24, 2010  

I personally love actions...they make my life easier. And I think this edit is really beautiful.

Buckeroomama Friday, September 24, 2010  

Wow, the edit just blew me away! Really stunning.

I'm with Ashley... I love actions. Why re-invent the wheel? :)

Joey Lynn Resciniti Friday, September 24, 2010  

I don't know what you guys are talking about, but your girls look gorgeous no matter what kind of edits you make!

Kimberly Friday, September 24, 2010  

Okay, your title post has me chuckling here. So clever you!

I am all about actions. They can be so helpful and time liberating - if they work. I find you just have to pair the right photo with the right action. (That's why I love that you can hover and see each action on the shot before applying it.)

So now I'm off to check out these actions. Though I must say, your sooc shot was pretty awesome just the way it was!

Mrs. Stam Friday, September 24, 2010  

she is soo cute in this picture! PS I talk to myself all the time too LOL

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Sunday, September 26, 2010  

I like it :) I don't use many actions, but I have a few from The Pioneer Woman I really like.

Cara Sunday, September 26, 2010  

I too love actions and preset- who has time to re-invent the wheel (like Buckeroomama said). I think the edit is awesome, but you do start with an already great shot and a beautiful subject.

Michelle @Flying Giggles Monday, September 27, 2010  

Wow, the edit is beautiful! I have yet to try actions...need to check it out!

BTW, I have something for you here...

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