Team Up Thursday - Work

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out Angie's shot would ya. How about that for selective focus? Perfect mama! Except wait, that was last week :) This week is WORK and she absolutely loves her work too. I am amazed at this shot of hers. If you haven't visited Angie's blog you must b/c you are missing out. When I opened her email to find her shot I had to giggle that she was painting a dog b/c "who doesn't love puppies, kittens, and baby seals?" If you would have asked me 6 years or more ago if I loved my job I would have said "Nope". I would sit that last hour going CRAZY b/c the clock wasn't moving. My husband on the other hand really loves his. The shop is where he spends most of his day when he is in town. Bummer for us but at least he isn't staring at the slow ticking second hand trying not to die of boredom. Lucky him.

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Buckeroomama Thursday, September 09, 2010  

Awesome perspective... both photos! :)

Oh, I could totally relate to watching the clock and willing it to go faster. This was with one of my earlier jobs where I was so bored...

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, September 09, 2010  

I can't believe in all this time I didn't know your guy was into racing!

I assumed he was an airline pilot!

Jen Thursday, September 09, 2010  

Love, love, love your shots this week. Very cool work photos.

Cara Thursday, September 09, 2010  

I hear you on the "last hour going CRAZY b/c the clock wasn't moving". Someday it's insane.
I love the perspective in both. I like the contrast b/w the color and the b&w too.

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