Team Up Thursday - Selective Focus

>> Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have been crying for over a week. If you regularly read my blog you are probably sick of it. Sorry, I can't help being heartbroken over Piper starting school. I am coming around though. Today she came home with a butterfly puppet. She earned 3 happy chips and got to pick a prize. Piper loves school. Piper loves her teacher. Piper loves riding the bus. I need to get a grip and let her go out and enjoy this new experience. Still, she is my subject today :) My baby with her butterfly.

Angie lives in such a beautiful place. Look at this cotton. She said there is a whole field of it. Beautiful! Do butterflies like cotton?

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Liz Mays Thursday, September 02, 2010  

I am absolutely floored by that butterfly shot! Truly amazing and it should be in a magazine.

I'm not going to tell you "chin up" or anything because I've always been like you. I get it. I really do.

HipMomma Thursday, September 02, 2010  

Lovely shot of your butterfly and girl. I'm sure that at least butterfly puppets love cotton! Great dip, team.

Just be glad that she loves school. It's much easier than if she didn't. Happy tears, I'm sure.

Jen Thursday, September 02, 2010  

I am glad things are starting to get better. Your shot is awesome. Love the story behind it too.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, September 02, 2010  

I wouldn't have known that was cotton! Such a pretty flower on it.

The shot of Piper is stunning. I hope you have that framed somewhere.

Buckeroomama Thursday, September 02, 2010  

That is such a wonderful shot of Piper with her butterfly! :)

Z, on her second day at kindy today, didn't even look around to wave bye-bye... she just went in her classroom, sat down and did her tracing. She told us that she loves her school. I guess we should be thankful that our kids love going to school... imagine if they don't.

Kerstin Thursday, September 02, 2010  

WELL DONE - I LOVE THis THEME and I hope we can do it one time...
I can imagine your feelings even I am not a mum but an aunt and I felt similar when my niece told me at the beginning of this year that she is going to be a "pupil" by August - and now she is.... how time flies and my little "mouse cookie" now is at school.....

Killlashandra Thursday, September 02, 2010  

Wow your shot is excellent! I love the in focus butterfly and the out of focus Piper.

The combo turned out great. :)

Chin up, soon you will be just as excited about school as she is. Or at least that's the tact I take with my 5 year old who started school this year too.

jillconyers Thursday, September 02, 2010  

Amazing photos! This has been one of my favorite themes.

Staci A Thursday, September 02, 2010  

I'm so glad she likes school! But I completely understand being torn up over it. I still am, and we're on year 2.

The pictures are beautiful!

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Thursday, September 02, 2010  

Love the shot!

I think I will be the only mom on the face of the earth not to be sad or upset when my child starts school. If she could trade places with Piper, I would happily let her!

Megan Friday, September 03, 2010  

ooh, such nice pairing. btw: i would never have known that was cotton.
hope this coming week is easier for you:).

Nicole Feliciano Friday, September 03, 2010  

Beautiful work.

Cara Sunday, September 05, 2010  

These are great, at first glance I thought it was a real butterfly. I like the lighting in the other photo and the perspective in both.
I am so going to be just the same way when my oldest starts school.

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