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>> Friday, July 30, 2010

The other night it was just Matt, Ruby, and me awake. She was wide open for whatever reason. Off she walked into the dark kitchen when we heard the trash can open and shut. Ruby came running around the corner with a big smile on her face. Matt went and grabbed whatever it was out of the trash. This happens constantly so I don't even remember what it was. He said to me "I wonder what and how much she has thrown away that we don't know about". I am forever following behind her and picking things out of the trash. Today at lunch she threw away one of Piper's little stuffed animals. At that minute I knew that I was going to keep track for the rest of the day the things she tossed in the trash.

Today was a big trash day :) Now I am with Matt wondering what she has thrown away that we actually need. What will tomorrow bring?


Mama.Mommy.Mom. Friday, July 30, 2010  

She throws things in the trash, Cullen digs things out. They'd be perfect together!

Kelly Sunday, August 01, 2010  

When Lyndsy was little she threw away my husbands baseball hat. And if you know him that's a big deal! Funny how much kids like trash cans!

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