Fireworks (2010)

>> Sunday, July 4, 2010

The YMCA near our home has a little festival and fireworks every year and we have been attending since they started doing it. I had visions of hanging with the family last night on our blanket and playing with bubbles, eating funnel cakes, and maybe letting the girls get their faces painted or jump a few rounds in the bounce house. What happened was not really that apple pie picture I had in my head though. Both Piper and Violet were crabby. They were fighting with each other all day. There were at least 2 meltdowns before we left the house. We got there and got our spot then walked around a little bit. The lines were enormous (I expected that) but they were also closing all the things down really early. So we got a deep fried snickers bar and funnel cake and headed to sit down. Ruby doesn't sit down. Ever. At one point I made believe that I was busy doing something just so Matt had to run after her. Sorry. We ended up taking turns running around through blankets chasing our 15 month old who was trying to steal everyone's shoes - GROSS! Previous years they shut everything down during the fireworks. There must have been such a demand for the deep fried dough this was right next to us lit up the entire time. I am sure that people missed the entire display waiting in that line.

And my beautiful firework shots? Ruby got scared on Matt's lap and wanted her mama. Then she started to really melt down b/c she was tired so I nursed her and missed my opportunity during the grand finale. Ah well, such is my life.

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Happy 4th of July!!!


Joey Lynn Resciniti Wednesday, July 07, 2010  

Your shot of the fried dough stand is really cool though! The snicker thing sounds pretty awesome too. And I suppose there's always next 4th of July for sitting still!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Wednesday, July 07, 2010  

I really love the shot of the funnel cake stand. Do things ever go as planned? I know how it is with Ruby because Chloe is pretty much the same way. One of the nights we were camping was nearly a disaster. Chloe had a MAJOR melt down and I was going to lose it. Thank God for my brother who just totally "gets" her. They are two peas in a pod. He got her to mellow out and we were able to enjoy the rest of the night.

You pretend to be busy at times too? I thought I was the only one!

I am sure you daughters will look back and remember the wonderful night for years to come!

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