Team Up Thursday - DOORS

>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

Angie is on vacay so I decided to do my own lol :) Not as fun when you know how the other person will interpret the theme. I love our front door. Seriously. It took me a long time to pick out and it is my favorite part of the house. I love the way it looks from the outside and the inside. My husband designed the portico which allowed me the freedom to put in a gorgeous wood door that would not be hurt by the elements. It does get dirty from pollen, spiders, and those darn mud daubers love building nests on it.

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Megan Thursday, July 29, 2010  

i definitely think your door deserves a dip of its own -- gorgeous!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, July 29, 2010  

That's quite a door! I think it makes mine look pretty sad and ordinary.

Denise Thursday, July 29, 2010  

I love your is so inviting!

Kimberly Thursday, July 29, 2010  

I love that you went ahead with the dipy. Good for you. Pretty door!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Friday, July 30, 2010  

Wow, I love your door. It is important to have a welcoming front entrance. The glass is beautiful!

Joanne Saturday, July 31, 2010  

Great photos - I love your wooden door! Rose is away for a couple of weeks, so I decided to follow your lead and do one of my own too!

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