Ruby - 16 months old!

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow. Again, wow. It just can't be already. So what is our little Ruby up to? She isn't much of a talker yet. She has been saying "Mama" forevah but also will yell "Dada" when she sees him pull into the driveway. She sits in the window with the big girls to wave "bye bye" when he leaves. She will sometimes say "Piepa" or "Vie" but those aren't all the time yet. She knows what you are saying to her though and listens sometimes lol :) Ruby is into EVERYTHING! She is sitting on my lap right now b/c she wants to be near me all.the.time. Matt says I will miss it when she gets older but right now it is hard for me to do just everyday things like load/unload the dishwasher or get downstairs to change the laundry (you should see the pile that is there). We definitely don't have a napper or a nighttime sleeper. I wonder if she will be a sleeper when she gets older? Piper and Violet are really great with her which pleases me. Ruby tries her hardest to keep up with them and they are so patient and (sometimes) take the time to play with her. This morning I brought Ruby outside to try and get her to smile for her mama and this is what I got.

I get this face 80% of the time when I say "Smile"

"Is this cheesy pose more what you were looking for?"

"You've taken 5 pictures of me and I am PARCHED."

"Is that a duck out there?"

"Are we almost done yet?" *BIG YAWN*

It only took 72 clicks. It is out of focus b/c I was tickling her and then running back to take it (darn low ss). I get to see this beautiful smile a 1,000 times a day but it seldom makes it to the blog. Here she is, our 16 month old!


Mrs. Stam Saturday, July 24, 2010  

she is a real cutie pie! She as something in her eyes, like a curious "I'm learning and soaking it all in " look to her :-)

Michelle @Flying Giggles Saturday, July 24, 2010  

What a cutie pie! My Chloe use to smile for the camera, but not anymore...she is just too busy! We are taking family pictures next weekend. It should be interesting.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Saturday, July 24, 2010  

It's the toughest thing for me to remember that someday I'll miss that closeness. At times right now it just feels like being smothered!

She's precious, even if it's an elusive smile for the camera.

Josh Healy Sunday, July 25, 2010  

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Kimberly Monday, July 26, 2010  

My how time flies. Hard to believe she's 16 months old already. Oh, and 72 clicks? Totally worth it. :)

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