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>> Friday, July 23, 2010

...the girls started a 2 week swimming lesson at our rec pool. It isn't really intense lessons but it gets them in the water and they enjoy it. They wave at me when they are done taking their turns to make sure that I am watching. It fills my heart with joy seeing them have so much fun.

Now our Ruby doesn't really enjoy it very much b/c she is not in there with them. I have brought snacks that she loves but still she runs for the water on occasion making me get off my butt to chase her. Some days I just want to sit on my butt :)

...Piper took her Kindergarden assessment. Tuesday night I asked her to write her name to see if she still could. Thank goodness she did it :) We haven't done anything since preschool ended b/c I am just that kind of mama that says summer is summer. Check out her portrait, it even has silly bands on :)

...Violet got mail from her preschool telling me her start date. She is so excited to go. I wonder if it will be as heart wrenching as when I sent Piper? Guesses?

...Ruby got her first fat lip. How you ask? Have you ever seen a Plasma Car? We got the girls one last Christmas as their big present. Wednesday night we decided to light off the fireworks that we had bought for the 4th but didn't use b/c our niece didn't like the noise. Ruby was riding the plasma car and my husband tried to push her so that she wouldn't be too close to where he was lighting the fireworks off. Plasma cars don't push. Ruby took a face dive into the concrete. *shaking head* After the blood stopped she continued watching the firework display that we all thought was pretty darn cool - thanks Matt!

Just puffy the morning after but we now have a snot nose to go along with it. Always something right?

Then after I took that last picture she fell off a living room chair making it bleed AGAIN. Ruby's loves putting on the girls clothes over her own and is getting quite good at it. She put the Lilo shirt on this morning before the spill. Hopefully I can get the blood out before Piper sees it b/c it is her FAVORITE shirt. has been confirmed, we are going to the beach!!! We weren't able to take a family vacation last year b/c of Matt's job but this year we are. I couldn't be more excited and will count down the days until we are packed in the car and driving to one of my favorite places on earth - Topsail Island. Woot!


Kimberly Friday, July 23, 2010  

I think that fat lip just makes Ruby look tough. ;) Poor baby. And look at those sweet little curls she's getting!

So what's a kindergarten assesment test? I've never heard of that.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Saturday, July 24, 2010  

Those accidents hurt the mom's almost as much as the kiddos!

Enjoy your beach vacation!

Jenny Sunday, July 25, 2010  

I love that you got Todd in the swimming lesson pic, too. Such a great pic.
Todd got that same letter. I can only imagine how difficult dropping him off will be for me. He'll be loving it tho.
See you tomorrow

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