Wordful Wednesday - Fire Station (2011)

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Piper's Daisy Scout troop visited the fire station for their last meeting. Who says that fire departments are only for boys? My girls loved every minute that we were there! From the lights to the sirens. Fun times!

Of course you got to sit in the truck. I was told that the seats weren't very comfortable by the 2 older girls.

2011 Fire Station - Girls Truck2011 Fire Station - Truck

Piper got the chance to try one of the helmets. She thought it was heavy. Um, it is 2 times the size of her head :)

2011 Fire Station - P

All the while Ruby and I played around.

2011 Fire Station - Ham

2011 Fire Station - Big Squeeze

It was a great afternoon. Violet was thinking that she wanted to have her next birthday party there but then decided that she would much rather have a more girlie one. I told her that the firemen probably wouldn't mind if we painted nails and did makeup after they were done with their tour but she isn't buying it. Our children dream of their parties every year and it isn't that they are lavish or anything but they do love a good party. Like their mama :)


Ashley Sisk Wednesday, May 25, 2011  

The one shot of Piper with the hat on and the one below that of Ruby are just too cute!

Buckeroomama Wednesday, May 25, 2011  

I just love Piper's new do. It totally looks gorgeous on her!

The kids have never visited the fire station here. They don't open it up for visits (that I know of). Every year where we live, though, they have sort of a fire show or exhibit, where they bring the different fire trucks around and the kids could go check them out. The firefighters also give a talk about fire safety during this time. :)

Tara Wednesday, May 25, 2011  

So cute, my son would have been so ecstactic...he loves fire engines!

Liz Mays Wednesday, May 25, 2011  

That was always one of my favorite places to visit as a child. When we had the annual field trip, I was thrilled!

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