52 Weeks of Me - Sun Flare (20/52)

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

It has been raining or overcast here much of the week. I tried Saturday night to get some flare but the sun wasn't low enough yet. My neighbors probably laughed at me trying though :) This morning the girls and I went out front to get it. I look so serious in all of mine alone and I know I look the same in this one so here is the one Princess Piper snuck in to lighten the mood a little :) She is so darned sweet!


Thank you all for joining Cara and I each week! Make sure to include your selfie over at the flicker pool's. Next week is Catchlight.


Corey~living and loving Sunday, May 15, 2011  

It is a beautiful shot. I like that your daughter is in it. ♥ darling.

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