Team Up Thursday - LOUD

>> Thursday, May 5, 2011

I laughed at Angie's interpretation of loud. Teenagers. Loud music and, oh wait, did I mention that Angie is also teaching her to drive? A glimpse into my future :) Mine is the loudest kid in the house. She screamed so loud the other day (happily) at the grocery store that a worker came out from the freezer to see what was wrong. Nothing, I ignore it if she is happy. She was surprised when I asked her to actually scream because normally I am telling her not to. She just tickles me like crazy.

Really Loud!
and after she was done she thought it was pretty funny

and decided to scream some more :)

Girls got lungs!


Angela Friend Thursday, May 05, 2011  

I just love the screaming picture! Trust me, they still yell and laugh out in does not get better with age!
Have a happy day,

Megan Thursday, May 05, 2011  

LOVE this combo! Ruby is just so adorable -- I bet she's louder than the car stereo ;).

Corey~living and loving Thursday, May 05, 2011  

oh my word...I can almost hear her. how funny. love it.

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