Monday Mingle 5.2.2011

>> Monday, May 2, 2011

This week is freestyle. I could come up with anything question that I want but didn't know what to ask myself so hubs did it for me. Since Mother's Day is coming up there is a theme it seems.

As you see I had lots of help mingling this week. Crazy girls. Until next week - ta!
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Jhona O. Monday, May 02, 2011  

Very cute and fun! Your girls are so sweet:) I love that your hubby gave you questions. Great idea! I'm a bit new to this Monday Mingling and didn't know that I was suppose to come up with my own questions so I have learned something and will the next time we have a "Freestlye" Mingle. Have a fantastic week!

Debbie Monday, May 02, 2011  

Hello Hello!

Great mingle with your kids. You are so patient. I would be all like "shhhhhh- Mommy's talking". They are so sweet though-love the kisses. Kid kisses are so sweet because they are genuine. I love it when my little 5 year old just comes and cuddles and kisses my cheeks.

That is sweet too about wanting to see your great grandparents. I barely remember the one I had. She died when I was 3. But I know I'll get to see her again in the after life one day.

I wish you a fantastic week. Go do something for you and have fun!

Nicole Monday, May 02, 2011  

linking up for monday mingle. i adore your blog and can't wait till monday for you to share! happy monday!

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Monday, May 02, 2011  

LOL That is what my house is like all.the.time. just with more screaming and less cuteness. P totally reminds me of Addison when she 'turns it on' and Cullen wants to be snuggled up on me 24/7. I'm glad I only have 2. A third would have pushed me over the edge! LOL

Lorie Shewbridge Monday, May 02, 2011  

What an adorable mingle. Those girls are so cute, I can see why you love being a mom.
Great questions from your hubby.
Hope you have a terrific week.

Rachael Monday, May 02, 2011  

That was a cute mingle, good questions from Matt. I don't know know how you managed to keep from laughing with how goofy and funny the girls were :-)

Unknown Monday, May 02, 2011  

Love your mingle!
Your girls are about as bouncy as mine...
but IF my girls were in it, you wouldnt see me...they are camera
Have a super fun week!
Is that a pool or a lake in your backyard?

Momstart Monday, May 02, 2011  

Your kids are just like mine and you just plowed through your video. Great Job. You were very patient today.

I miss my great grandparents too, they were so kind!

Liz Mays Tuesday, May 03, 2011  

A racecar driver? LOL

I agree with you. Being a mom is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

100 years ago, lol

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Tuesday, May 03, 2011  

LOL a hundred years ago...classic!

What a beautiful setting - what is the water behind you?

Being a mom does rock, and it's obvious you do it so well. Your girls are just so cute and sweet.

Thank you for mingling!

Daenel T. Wednesday, May 04, 2011  

Your kids are just too cute! I love how they kinda saunter into the videos. So funny.

Isn't it fun to try to imagine what your kids will be like when they're adults? When they're little and so full of personality, it's just funny.

Have a great week.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• Sunday, May 08, 2011  

Good idea having him come up with questions! LOL Love your kids in the background :)

Concur, how could you not love it??

Great questions :)

Sorry I'm so late making rounds. Hope you had a fantastic week!

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