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>> Friday, May 6, 2011

Learning to ride her trike
ruby trike

Our girls love their bikes and the baby is no exception. As I type this she is "riding" her trike in the living room. She scoots still with her feet on the ground but she is starting to get the concept.

Red Hot Poker
red hot poker top red hot poker

Not green but they have such green leaves at their base and they are seriously a favorite of mine in our little flower garden. I wish that they lasted longer than a few weeks. When Piper was little she would walk by them and tell anyone who would listen what they were called. It might be a slang term for them but who knows :)

Keep on blooming

Those Rhododendrons just keep on blooming. Tomorrow is the last day for teacher appreciation week at Piper's school and I am torn whether to cut a branch of these or one of our lilies. Either way that is one lucky teacher and assistant because they are both so pretty right now.

To think I almost threw these away

I am not sure how I got this little collection of lilies. It came to me somehow and I threw them in the garden. I don't like where they sit but I sure do love when they bloom in the spring. I am tempted to cut some for myself :)

Taking pictures of flowers makes you want a macro. I sometimes think about what I could sell to save for one but then I wonder how much I would use it. Mostly it is my 50mm that I reach for so I don't know. For my birthday I was going to rent one to play around but then life sort of got busy and I never got around to it. Maybe someday once I win the lottery right? Note to self. Play lottery.

Happy Friday!


Buckeroomama Friday, May 06, 2011  

That's such a lovely shade of red in your lily. I've never seen them in that shade before. :)

Speaking of macro lenses... I read in another blog (I can't remember which one now), but this lady just bought a set of macro filters at Amazon for only $15 (Zeikos ZE-CU452 52mm Multi-Coated 4 piece close-up Filter Set). She uses at D90 and she showed some pictures she took with the filter on... and I am so tempted to order a set for myself! :)

One Photo Friday, May 06, 2011  

Love your green shot and your photos of those red hot pokers are fabulous.

I too yearn for a macro lens and also like you am wondering how long it will take me to save up for one. I just ordered some macro filters to try out with my 50mm f/1.4 lens and my zoom - Amazon have a great range (I needed 58mm but you can get all sizes) and I bought the cheapest but well rated set of four. They should arrive in the next few days and I am looking forward to trying them out. They cost just $8 plus shipping.

deb duty Friday, May 06, 2011  

I'm in love with everything about your first shot! I love the composition, the green dress with the red trike and those cute little feet! Really great shot!!

Susan Friday, May 06, 2011  

What great shots! Love your little girl on her bike!!

Tara Friday, May 06, 2011  

Aw, love the bike capture. So cute. Gorgeous gorgeous flower captures! Have a great weekend!

Linda Friday, May 06, 2011  

Super photos here!!

Ashley Sisk Friday, May 06, 2011  

These shots are gorgeous - you should consider extension tubes. I love my macro lens but I don't use it all the time. I do use my 50 mm f/1.4 though.

Unknown Friday, May 06, 2011  

soo cute on the trike!! and the red hot pokers - amazing - I don't remember ever seeing a flower like that!!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Friday, May 06, 2011  

You cannot win if you don't play!

The photos of the flowers are beautiful, but I love the picture of the trike!

Corey~living and loving Friday, May 06, 2011  

Stunning shots! I'd say you are doiong quite well without the macro. :) 100mm macro lens is one of my favs. I forget how much I love it until I use it. It is an excellent portrait lens.

I took all of the shots in this post with it.

and this one

great all around lens. :)

Rosie@leavesnbloom Sunday, May 08, 2011  

Oh I love that shot of you looking down on what we call here in the UK Red Hot Pokers.

Marla Sunday, May 08, 2011  

Wonderful shots, but I adore that first one. It's adorable and precious. :)

Marla @

Tiffany Sunday, May 08, 2011  

All beautiful shots...the green is too, too, cute:) Happy Mother's Day.


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