Violet Locks of Love 2011

>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

After seeing Piper's new hair cut Violet was more than ready to be done with her long hair too. Mama not so much but I did know that mornings would be easier and there would be a lot less crying and hair grows back right?

Locks of Love - before
Locks of Love - before
She passed on getting her hair washed because the chair and sink looked weird to her :)

Locks of Love - cut
You can't see it but Ruby held her hand while she was getting it cut :)

Locks of Love - pony
Violet donated about 13 inches on Friday. Way to go Violet!

Locks of "Love"

Can you tell that she just loves it a little? I am so proud of my girls! I told them both that we can cut their hair again before school starts and at that time they can decide if they want to do it all over again. I wonder if they will.


Drea Saturday, May 21, 2011  

Oh she looks SO CUTE Jessie!!! I cant believe that baby girl from a few years ago had 13 inches of hair to donate so fast.

Cara Saturday, May 21, 2011  

So sweet Jessie, they look so cute and older with the short do's.

Anonymous Saturday, May 21, 2011  

Awww it looks great. I always do locks of love. I go really long for a while then chop it. Way to go Violet!

Chrissy Saturday, May 21, 2011  

She is just so beautiful. That first picture is a look/pose/glimpse of V that I've never seen before. She is stunning, and the cut is so cute!

Marcelle Sunday, May 22, 2011  

Gosh she is a cutie....her new cut looks so fresh!!

Buckeroomama Sunday, May 22, 2011  

It totally suits her! You know, your girls look beautiful no matter what their do is. :)

Rachael Monday, May 23, 2011  

Yeah Violet! What a great gift your girls have given. The new cut looks wonderful!

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