Little Snow Fairies

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

I will start this post by saying brrr!!! Yesterday we got about 3 inches of snow so I was CERTAIN that the fairy festival at a local nature center would be postponed. Nope. I thought it was going to be canceled last year for rain and when it wasn't and I heard how much fun everyone had regretted my decision to stay home. This year we were going darn it all. I got out the snow pants, boots, heavy jackets, hats, & mittens. The girls made their wings yesterday so we were set. When we got there I swear we were the only ones besides the volunteers who were even prepared for the cold. Not really knocking other parents but how can you have fun when you are cold, and it was cold! I saw skirts (aww, cute little fairy skirts) but come on people it is 36 degrees outside. So we weren't there to enter and win the cutest fairy of the day pageant (lol) but were there to have fun, and fun we had! The girls helped to make a fairy crown, they decorated cookies, they heard a fun fairy story, and they got their face painted. Then they told me they were cold and so we went and played in the snow a little bit by the van. Angels were made and a few snow balls were thrown. I stripped them down and called it a day. I wish they would have this in March or April, my gosh it was cold - did I mention we were all cold? My blood must be thinning in my old age :)


Natalie A. Saturday, February 13, 2010  

I just wanted to thank you for having me on your blogroll! Wow, your pictures are so wonderful! You do amazing photography work! You have so much snow!
Have a great weekend!

Kimberly Saturday, February 13, 2010  

Good for you for still taking them, but oh my, skirts? In this weather? I think you went the smart (and definitely more fun) route. They look adorable (what cool painted faces!) and snow angels? You can't lose there. Where was Ruby? Did she stay home?

melody Sunday, February 14, 2010  

Absolutely beautiful girls! I adore the fairy paintings and coupled with snow, completely magical. Well captured.

Michelle @Flying Giggles Monday, February 15, 2010  

The snow made for wonderful photos. That sounds like a lot of fun, my daughter would probably enjoy it!

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