Love Thursday - (Friday Edition)

>> Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday was a long day and I actually didn't even know about "Love Thursday" until later last night. I laughed b/c all day Thursday I felt so much love from my family and friends. My old friend Beth called in the morning and I had a nice conversation with her while Violet slept. Piper gave me so many unexpected hugs and kisses yesterday it was so sweet. The icing on my "love" day came however when my husband got home from work with a bouquet of flowers behind his back announcing "Happy Thursday" to me and the girls. Since he is working such long hours I wanted to wait until this morning to take a picture of the flowers (which I ALWAYS do b/c I am a dork that way) and after taking about 6 pictures came in to put them on the computer and submit to Shutter Sisters for my Love Thursday Post. To my surprise the picture that I thought would be the perfect one actually wasn't, the one that I am choosing as my submission shows my love for many things all in 1 shot!

The flowers show the love in my marriage, the cup is my love of good coffee, the basket holds a bundle of cloth napkins and that represents my love for Mother Earth, and finally you can see my Violet's booster in the background - my girls are the loves of my life! So there, I am so not in the same league as the ladies at Shutter Sisters but I try :)


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