Labor Day Weekend

>> Monday, September 3, 2007

While most everyone I know is cooking out and relaxing on their Labor Day Weekend the Zoo is busy working. We have so much stuff we need to do and this extra Monday is a perfect time to do some of it! I have been going through a purging project with the girl's clothes and mine which I am bringing to a women's shelter here in town. Matt's stuff is a whole different ballgame though. He has clothes still from high school - yep serious pack rat! Today he will finish up a project he started in the girl's playroom making them a magnetic chalkboard on one of the walls and hopefully will take some time to go through some of his belongings so I can get them to the AmVets coming tomorrow. Our house is by no means large and by giving the girls a playroom we actually took away their "bedroom" which neither have spent a day in. It was also a storage room for their clothes though and now all of that is going into our closet so our bedroom is very crowded, but if I organize I think it will work and if it does I am going to post a picture b/c it will be something that I am very proud of.

Our town is going on mandatory water restriction tomorrow b/c of the drought that we are experiencing. It is so dry here and the one time that we did get rain last week was only for 10 minutes and came down in buckets so it didn't help us at all. The Zoo's dock is falling apart but aside from that we are getting our own private beach, I should go out there and pick up all the rocks then let the girl's play huh? Anyway, we take water from the lake not the town but in doing our part for the enviroment are only watering our grass 1 time a week and it is holding up so far. Let's all do a rain dance in the Southeast!

Update on my dear little girl Violet - thank goodness that tooth finally came in and the other front is on it's way and should be through any day now. She still wakes at the crack of dawn but is sleeping much better at night and I am getting a 4-5 hour stretch normally - whew mama was getting tired! You should see this little one getting around and pulling herself up on everything, kids this age are so fun to watch aren't they?

Tomorrow will be a rough day for me, I am sending my oldest to preschool a couple of days each week. Matt and I talked about it and decided to get her interacting with some other kiddos without me being there and we landed at a YMCA preschool over at a church near our home. She will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours each day - I think she will do fine but the kid hasn't really ever been away from me like that so who knows. I am going into this with no real expectations but I do hope she will like it but if not we can try again next year and as for this year I will try and find her a tumbling class or something that I can join in on. I am sure that is what I will post about tomorrow so if interested tune in for the continuing saga...

My sweet baby girl


Anonymous Tuesday, September 04, 2007  

Can't wait to see the magnetic chalkboard tomorrow.

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