>> Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hi, my name is Jessie and I am a consignment sale junkie.

I bought Piper so many things at that first consignment sale that I went to before she was even born. I had no idea what we were having so I had a ton of yellow and white. Not only did I go in late to work so that I could go on opening morning but I also went back on Saturday for the 50% off sale. You want to know how much my girl actually wore of that? Barely anything because I kept her in side snapped tees and diaper most of the time because she was born in the middle of the summer in the south! But, I still have a lot of those sleepers and outfits tucked away for the possiblility of a 3rd. I weeded through and what I knew would never get love from us I gave to a friend whose husband was serving in Afganistan and he gave them to a local orphanage there. It was an opportunity that arose at a time that I was purging but I normally donate locally rather than sell because I am lazy.

Fall/winter 2007 was the first season that I had not bought ahead the season before. I emailed the mama who has the big/huge consignment sale in our town and asked her if she needed any volunteers - she said yes! OMG, I was in with the volunteers who get to shop early (earlier than even the consignors!!). I had to come up with a plan of attack because if you have ever been to a consignment sale you know that these ladies are fierce. They come in and in one big swoop gather all the Gymbo, Hanna, and Baby Gap and worry about leisurely going through it later. Normally there is a nice selection of Little Tikes large toys outside which you have to pay for immediately outside so you have to have priorities and a plan. Mine was to get Piper a table for her newly made playroom (got it), a sit-n-spin for a friend's little boy (got it) and as many jeans as I could find for Piper (yippee got them). My list was pretty well complete! There were a few items that a friend asked me to look for but they didn't have but otherwise presale was a success! I managed to stay away from the sale each morning that I passed it but then when I went in to volunteer the call of the 2T racks was too strong and I am weak when it comes to my girls so I bought some more (just a little though). To not let this get too wordy (as if it isn't already) I helped that sale mama out a little bit more and she rewarded me with allowing me to go to the early 50% off sale with the consignors which I took full advantage of buying Piper the shirts she would need for winter, new books for our library, wood puzzles that she loves to put together, and (my favorite) fuzzy purse with fabric jewelry and makeup inside. She adores jewelry but at 2 breaks most of it and how much more safe can you get than fabric.

Fall/Winter Consignment sale 2007 is done, my kids will have a huge selection of clothes for the coming months and I spent probably a 1/4 of what it would have cost retail. I am fine with my addiction and so is our bank account!


Andrea Saturday, September 15, 2007  

I am SOOO a consignment sale junkie too! haha! I think almost all of Tate's clothing come from garage sales and stuff...I love it!

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm Monday, September 17, 2007  

I swear I have to go to a Consignment Anonymous class! There is a Consignment store in Mint Hill and at the end of Winter and end of Summer they have "dollar days"!!! EVERYTHING in the store for a dollar!

I wonder if the new owner will keep that up????

Congrats on all the new stuff ::grumbles:: (I'm jealous!)

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