Project 366 - Week 6

>> Sunday, February 12, 2012

It has been a tough week. Lots of ups because I have a wonderful family and friends but there has been a lot of downs as well.


Special treat for the Lucas girls! They have been wanting feathers because all the girls have them and mama found them at Sally's for $5.99 so they will get them. So will 2 of their besties :) We need some happy around here and this should do the trick.


I feel like I am so lucky to have this silly little baby spend her days with me. The older girls push my buttons until I finally yell and scream at them. It's the age I know but my temper is rather short right now. Ruby pushes, don't get me wrong, but then right when I am about to explode baby girl does something so ridiculously funny that I can't help but laugh. I hope that patience returns soon so I am not so quick to yell at the older 2, they are suffering too.


I had to pick up Milo's remains this week. It was a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. We chose the small heart urn to keep him in. I wish that I could say that I found some closure from this but I haven't. I am still pretty pissed off.


Our annual day at the Fairy Festival. This is our 3rd year going and the girls love it! This year their little friend Emilie came along. The wonderful story telling lady was there again.
Fairy house

With my friend Martha and her mama Bonnie we made a very nice fairy house for a large group of fairies. Hopefully the wind we had yesterday didn't blow our house down.
Fairy Festival @Latta Plantation Nature Preserve
How cute are they?

There it is, another week down. Winter has finally hit NC. It is C.O.L.D. I even see flurries in the forecast for Tuesday. Brrrr!!


Buckeroomama Sunday, February 12, 2012  

Oh my goodness, a fairy festival? How awesome is that?! Z would SO love to attend! :)

I know what you mean about Z is like Ruby in that she has that special way of taking the wind out of my sail when I'm about to explode and then I just melt into a puddle.

Hope this week will be better for you. *HUGS*

Michelle Sunday, February 12, 2012  

You certainly have been doing your best to get out there and enjoy the day. It's hard. I get a lump in my throat seeing that tiny heart urn.

But your sweet little fairies and their friends.....that brings the smiles for sure.

Staci A Sunday, February 12, 2012  

The fairy festival sounds like a little girl's dream come true. Such sweet photos of your girls!

You've been in my thoughts this week. Sending prayers to you and your family.

Cara Sunday, February 12, 2012  

That is one cute bunch of Fairy's! We missed winter all together this year with the move out West. I might have to drive to the mountains just to get a taste.

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