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>> Friday, November 18, 2011

I would like to lose a few pounds but have been unable to get going on doing it. I agreed to try Hot Pants because I was hoping it would boost my initial weight loss to get me motivated to continue eating more healthy and exercising more vigorously.

Hotpants increase your perspiration by up to 80% and you can feel it working as you are working out. Made with a comfortable material with bio-ceramic technology which emit far-infrared rays (heat waves) and reflect back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of tissue and breakdown of fat cells. They look nice on but if you are not comfortable in bike shorts you can wear some sweats over the top. That is what I did when I walked in them.

I have only had my Hotpants now for a week but I look forward to next week when I can finish my 2 week challenge! You can wear them any time of the day but of course working out gives you the best results.

It isn't just me saying how great Hotpants are. Check out Hotpants on Facebook and see what everyone else is saying. Hotpants are stylish and so far they are really working for me!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Tuesday, November 29, 2011  

Oh these sound neat! Anything that will help with those unwanted pounds lol.

Zaggora Girl Thursday, December 01, 2011  


How did it go with your 2 week challenge? Any results or thoughts you want to share with us?

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