Insta-Friday 11.4.11

>> Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello, hello, hello! This was a busy week. Halloween. Kiddos are starting to come down with *something* not sure what though but should be fun next week :) Here is my week in cellphone pics.

Saturday night we went bowling as a family. We had a Groupon. I haven't bowled in years. And then I drank. We all had fun but I bowled like crap lol :) Notice blurry pic. Everything about Saturday night cracks me up :)

Bowling after mama's been drinking

I will title the next shot "Perseverance pays off" Why you ask? Well I basically found 3 NEW bathrobes all by the same (Target) brand and similar design and all in sizes that fit our littles. It only took 2 months. Taking my bow now.

Sunday Showers

This little piggy went to market...
This little piggy ate roast beef

Mama's gone. Daddy made fruit punch. Daddy's do things different. Daddy's do everything different. Girls skip lunch to drink only fruit punch. Cheese!

Fruit punch anyone?

Make your own spooky cookies. Left on our doorstep by someone. But who?

Kindness of neighbors

She'll go to bed when I ask her someday. Today I hug, kiss, tickle, and giggle with my sweet little late night buddy. ♥

Me and the baby. My late night buddy.

life rearranged


 The Morris Family Friday, November 04, 2011  

Alot of fun pictures!!! Love the pooch picture!!!

twinkietotmom Friday, November 04, 2011  

Love the robe picture best...they look so happy & comfy, too!

Stacy of KSW Tuesday, November 08, 2011  

Adorable! Now I need to score me 3 of those robes ... wonder how long that will take

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