Wordful Wednesday - Getaway

>> Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You would think that my overall impression of the trip would have been bad but quite the contrary. I am amazed at the amount of stuff that could have sent us into a bad vacation spiral but nothing bothered us. I am thankful that we were able to go with the flow because truth be told sometimes we do not.

Ruby cried the entire way down. Especially when I got on the phone. Shame on mama for trying to have adult interaction to stay awake.

Yay for early check-ins! Big thank you to the Double Tree for letting us check in at 10am on Friday when normal check in was 4pm. Also, cool that you had those yummy warm cookies for the girls. And me.

Boo to the Double Tree for giving me a room that the microwave, tv, and refrigerator all had issues. Seriously!

OMG Double Tree. In the same breath I want to thank you big time for a heated pool but think your heating bill would go down if the pool was actually in the sun! BRRRRRR!!!!

Mother Nature, I normally adore you but it was pretty darned windy for my dear friend Sarah's wedding. Could have done without that. Still a beautiful wedding with the sun shining bright.

LOL at the pizza cutter from Bizzaros Pizza. You had me when you told me you were going to charge me an additional $1 to cut the pizza slices smaller and you had this tourist almost digging in her wallet but then you let me off the hook and I laughed. Hard.

Oh garbage. The sheer amount of garbage on the beach made me wonder about the town and then a local told me about a storm they had. I made the girls pick some up but I could have done without the complaining.

Seriously next door neighbors? Up partying all night while my 3 girls and I had to listen. I was sort of afraid to call the front desk when it was just me and the girls. At one point Violet said it sounded like our tv was up really loud in our room. Our tv. Really? You mean the broken one?

If there are 4 bodies in a hotel room there should be 4 towels. Enough said!

Thank you to Double Tree for allowing us a late check out. By 45 minutes. I thought this meant that my card would still work in the hotel. Something work in the hotel I should have known better. I had to walk around the whole hotel with my 3 littles because my room key didn't work. Ugh!

Recap. Last stay at Double Tree. Girls were fabulous. Awesome time away. Even staying at the Double Tree.

beach sign


Buckeroomama Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

You win some, you lose some; can't have them all, I guess. :)

Glad it went well overall, though.

Ashley Sisk Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

All in all - it sounds like a good time.

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