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>> Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maybe I will get it all out before school starts this year so you won't hear me complain at all once August 25th comes. Doubt it but you can hope. So my complaint today is school supplies. I realize that all schools are broke because of budget cuts but I feel that our school is sort of making the parents make up the difference. Do you remember crayons? I do but my rising 1st grader wasn't asked to bring in a .25 box of crayons but rather 2 boxes of twistable crayons. Those bad boys are $5 a box. Why do they need those? Our school supplies cost us over $60 this year and that is not including a backpack. 20 glues sticks. That is a lot of glueing and that is PER student! Then once school starts the teachers have a "wish list". Don't even get me started on the absurd things they include on their "wish lists". Here is the loot. After school started last year the teacher asked for money for snacks and also another $20 for specific things she wanted to put together that wasn't on the list.

school supplies

The $15 worth of twistable crayons and pencils put me over the top. What are on your supply lists? You know just so I can stew about this some more :)


Julie Saturday, July 30, 2011  

I see both sides Jessie. I'm doing the back to school list for three kids and WOW it adds up. I'm also teaching preschool and know what comes out of my pocket for my students. But even I agree the $5 for twistable crayons is ridiculous. Those would be an excellent choice for the teacher's wish list.

Drea Saturday, July 30, 2011  

what on earth are they gluing to need that much glue? LOL thats crazy. I bought 2 elmers glue last year for our school year, and 2 glue sticks, we didnt even use it all. Maybe they pass around that glue to other kids?

I got some twistable crayons but those were gifts from grandparents ;-) - we on the other hand do the .25 ones hehe.

You should buy all of NEXT YEARS supply once all this year stuff goes on sale ;-) - that prob save you half that budget.

Have fun! Oh and im not looking forward to this school year, this move has thrown me for a loop!!

Nickolaus Cave Saturday, July 30, 2011  

We had to send a ream of printer paper with our girls last year. I'm afraid of what they want us to send in this year. Printer ink?!!

HipMomma Monday, August 01, 2011  

OK, I would totally be protesting those twistable crayons because I think that's ridiculous. Our list is brand specific and it peeves me. Oh, the joys of starting school. :)

I hope you guys are doing well!

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