Harvest Festival

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Burrr, it is cold out this morning! We will take it since it is just sunny and cold, last week was rainy and cold - yuck! Piper's preschool had to cancel their Harvest Festival b/c of weather last week so it is today. They are having the kiddos dress as farmers. She has been talking about this outfit for weeks! I vowed to never dress my girls in flannel since my grunge period so we did the best we could with what we had in the house :) I sent crocs to school in her book bag b/c I don't expect her to last more than an hour in those boots. Happy Fall Ya'll!

More WW (like mine ever is wordless lol) at 5 Minutes for Mom


Anonymous Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

Aww I love the pictures!! She is so cute and looks like she is having fun!

Kimberly Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

The first photo - so fun. The second - phenomenal! That looks like a professional shot for sure. Hope she has fun!

Hanna Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

SO Cute! I hope she had fun!!!

Staci A Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

She looks adorable & so excited!

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